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that they had few members in the legislative council and none in the executive council. But in spite of their grievances the French Canadians were loyal to the king.

During this time a number of good measures were passed, including acts to improve the prison and postal systems. In 1800 Judge Osgoode declared slavery contrary to British law, and three, hundred slaves were accordingly set free.

Upper   In Upper Canada the executive and legis-
Canada and lative councillors were beginning to take

Peter   advantage of their position to obtain large

Russell grants of land. Peter Russell, who had charge of the government for three years after Simcoe's departure, set a very bad example. He granted lands to his friends, and even to himself !

There were now in the province five or six times as many people as in 1791. Some had come from the United States, some from England and Scotland, and many from Ireland, where there had recently been terrible troubles, which had driven the people to seek new homes in Upper Canada and elsewhere.

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