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dren belonging to the richer classes were' sent; but it
was not till the very close of this period that steps were
taken by the government for the establishment of free
schools in Canada. Nova Scotia was better off in the
matter of education, having a number of schools, which

had been started
many years earlier
by an English mis-
sionary society. In

1 780 a Public Gram-mar School was established at Halifax, and eight years later hing's College was founded at Windsor f o r the education of young men. The building, however, was n o t erected till the following year. In this college Judge Hali-

burton, General Inglis and other distinguished Canadians were educated.

It was a time of anxiety and excitement; few people had leisure for literary work, and not many notable books were written in Canada or in any of the other provinces.:

First   To this period, however, belongs, it is

Canadian   believed, the first novel written in Canada.

Novel. The book, which was descriptive of life in Quebec, was called " The History of Emily Montague," and was written by Mrs. Frances Brooke, the wife of a chaplain of the garrison at Quebec.

At this time there were few ministers be-Religion.   longing to any Protestant church in British


Erected in 1789.


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