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from the Old World how to meet the difficulties of life in the woods. But they were of all classes—clergymen, doctors, teachers, soldiers, and backwoodsmen; and some who had been brought up in the cities of the older colonies found the change to the loneliness and roughness of their new surroundings almost unbearable.,

The   Amongst the Loyalists came the Mohawk

Mohawk   Indians, who had been faithful to Eng-

Loyalists.   land all through the war, and had suf-

fered like the

rest. They had a good and clever chief, Thayendanegea, or Joseph Brant, as the English c a l l e d him. He had been so well educated that he helped to trans-late the New Testament into

Mohawk, and though a great warrior, (lid his best to stop the cruel Indian way of torturing a vanquished foe. A large grant of land was given to the Mohawks along the Grand River, and George III. gave money towards building them a church near where the city of Brantford now stands. It was the first Protestant church built in Upper Canada. It had a bell to call the people to service, and a set of silver communion vessels given by Queen Anne to some Mohawk chiefs who had once visited her.

Land   In these early days the government gave

Grants.   away thousands of acres of wild land to
many people besides the Loyalists, who had lost their



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