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The   The Americans who fought on the British

Loyalists. side were afterwards named the United Empire Loyalists, because they had been true or loyal to the king, and had tried to prevent any division of the British Empire. But their enemies called them traitors, and passed laws during the war taking away their lands and goods, and even ordering that they should be put to death. It is only fair to say, however, that some of the Loyalists, when they had the chance, were just as cruel to the men who fought against England.

Their   When peace was made England tried to

Losses. make an agreement that the Loyalists should be paid for what they had lost. But, instead of doing this, most of the states used them very harshly. They would not even allow them to collect money that had been owing to them for years. Many of the Loyalists became very poor, and their neighbours were so unkind to them that, even while the war lasted, hundreds left the country to seek happier homes in Canada and other places. After peace was made still larger numbers left the United States.

They Come I\Iany went to Nova Scotia, travelling in to Canada. little uncomfortable trading-ships. Others went to Canada, often spending two or three months on the journey. Some walked all the way through New York State, which was then almost a wilderness, driving sheep and cattle, and carrying a few household goods on


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