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An   In 1776, during the war, a few Americans

American   landed at Charlottetown, and, after robbing

Raid. it of everything they fancied, carried off the government officials. Fortunately General Washing-ton heard of the raid, and obliged the robbers to give up the stolen goods and to set their prisoners free. Nearly all the men had gone to the war, so after this a few soldiers were sent from New York to guard the island, and the Americans disturbed its peace no more.

Newfound- The war brought much trouble on New-land. foundland. Armed American vessels prowled along the coasts, and destroyed the goods and houses of the fishermen. Food, too, was scarce, for the war stopped the usual supplies from New England. In 1775 a terrible storm added to the misery of the people by wrecking numbers of boats, and sweeping away the houses, and the raised wooden platforms, or stages, built along the shore for. drying fish.



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