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with the rebels. On the other hand, many Nova Scotians sailed in armed vessels to fight the American " pirates," and at last a few British warships helped to drive the enemy from the coasts of the province.

The Island In 1767 almost the whole Island of St. of St. John. John (afterwards Prince Edward Island) was divided in one day amongst a few persons in Eng-

land to whom the government wished to give some-thing. Many of these people never even came to see their lands; and though they promised to send out o n e settler for each two hundred acres, and to pay yearly to the government a small sum of money, called a quit - rent, few kept their word. A little land was

held back for the support of churches and schools.,

A Separate Though there were only about one hundred

Govern-   and fifty families in the island, the people

meet. wished to have a government of their own instead of being under that of Nova Scotia. In 1769 Captain Walter Patterson, a large landowner, became governor of the island, and four years later the people were allowed to choose members for a House of Assembly, though at first it did not meet very often.



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