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War with   A party in the older British colonies had

England. long been displeased at the way in which they were governed, and soon after the passing of the Quebec Act they began to fight for their rights. Canada was forced to take part in the war, and, as we shall see, it had a marked effect on her history. We must, there-fore, go back a little to see how it began.

After the British ministers had found that the Americans would not submit to the Stamp Act, they tried putting a small duty or tax upon tea and some other articles entering the country. But many of the colonists said that while their representatives were not allowed to sit in the British parliament, they would not pay taxes ordered by it; and they banded together not to buy goods sent from England till these taxes were taken off. Several times and in different places the people became so angry that they mobbed the government officials, broke the windows of those who sided with them, and did other lawless things.

The "Boston At last the British parliament removed the Tea Party." duty from all kinds of goods except tea, but left it on that to show that England had a right to tax her colonies if she chose. This made the colonists more angry than before ; and when, in the last month of 1773, three ships laden with tea sailed into Boston harbour, the townspeople met together and declared that the tea should not be landed. But the shins did not go back,


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