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The Western During that summer the Indians attacked Forts. one British fort after another, obtaining possession of that at Michillimackinac by a stratagem. A body of braves invited the garrison to come out of the fort to watch a grand game of lacrosse. Suddenly one of the players threw the ball close to the gate, and his comrades, with a wild rush, burst into the fort and quickly overpowered its unsuspecting defenders. One young English trader, Alexander Henry, was saved, however, by an Indian who had adopted him as his brother, and he afterwards wrote an account of his adventures.

PONTIAC'S CAPTURE OF FORT MICHII LIMACKINAC. (From Major Richardson's " Wacousta," by permission.)

Fort Pitt, like Detroit, held out, but no less than nine trading-posts in all were destroyed, and a party of one hundred soldiers was surprised and cut to pieces near Niagara. Then the Indians, still thirsting for blood, turned savagely on the border settlements."


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