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Servants, leave from the government, and if the servants displeased their masters or mistresses they had to beg for pardon on their knees. Instead of servants, some people kept negro or Indian slaves.

Roads.   As soon as

roads were

made, driving in caleches, or low carriages, became a favourite amusement. The roads were at first so narrow that a pair of horses was harnessed one before the other instead of side by side; and it was not till 1734 that a wheeled carriage was driven all the way from Montreal to Quebec. –

The priests

The Priests.

were always

travelling about, by canoes in summer and on snowshoes in winter, and they did not often have houses of their own. They tried hard to teach the

Canadians to lead better, purer lives, and to persuade them to give up drinking, of which there was a great deal. In 1682, when there were only twenty-five houses in Three Rivers, brandy could be bought at eighteen of them.

Louis XIV. gave much money for mission Churches. work, but many parishes had tumble-down wooden churches, or none ; t all. The town churches, however, were decorated with richly worked cloths and

No one might keep a servant without




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