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the Plains with all the men he could muster. As they came on the French fired again and again, but the British waited till their foes were close at hand. Then they fired all together, and in a few moments more the battle was lost for Montcalm.

Wolfe's   Wolfe was terribly wounded, but tried not

Death. to let his soldiers know. As he lay gasping for breath, someone cried out. " They run, they run !" " Who run ?" asked Wolfe. " The enemy, sir ; they give way everywhere." The dying general roused himself to give one last order, then saying, " Now God be praised, I die in peace," he passed away.

Montcalm's His gallant enemy, Montcalm, had also Last Hours. received his death wound. His last act was to write begging the English general to show mercy to the French prisoners and to the Canadians. He died early on the morning after the battle, and was buried at night beneath the Ursuline chapel, in a hole made by the bursting of a shell.

-1/Surrender of A few days later Quebec was given up to Quebec. the English. All over the British colonies there was wild rejoicing, but England hardly knew whether to triumph over the victory or to sorrow at its cost, for the gallant young general, Wolfe, was the favourite hero of the nation.


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