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while, the rest of the forces idled away their time .in Boston, till in the autumn came news that the promised fleet had been sent elsewhere. The colonists were vexed and disappointed, but asked that they might be aided to capture Port Royal in the following year.

Port Royal Again help was promised, but delay fol-Taken, 1710. lowed delay, and autumn had once more come round before the English fleet sailed into the harbour of Port Royal. The garrison was small and the fortifications poor. It surrendered in a week. Its name was changed to Annapolis Royal in honour of the queen, and with it the whole country came tinder the rule of England. Attempt on The next year a large force was sent from

Canada,   England to conquer Canada. Counting the

1711. colonists, twelve thousand men sailed from Boston to attack Quebec, while a smaller force again marched towards Montreal. De Vaudreuil had less than three thousand five hundred fighting men, and all Canada waited in breathless anxiety. But the English, leaders had been chosen, not because they were good soldiers, but because they were in favour at court, and they met with nothing but disaster and disgrace. A storm overtook them in the St. Lawrence, and through carelessness ten vessels were shattered on the rocks and nine hundred men lost their lives. Still the English far outnumbered the defenders of Quebec ; but their disheartened leaders would go no farther. On hearing this news the troops on the way to Montreal angrily returned home, for they could do nothing alone. To the Canadians their deliverance seemed almost miraculous. Every month for a year the priests of Quebec chanted the Song of Moses on the overthrow of the Egyptians in the Red Sea; and the name of the little church in Quebec was changed to " Notre Dame des Victoires.';.

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