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Outbreak   In 1702 France and England again went

of War. to war, for reasons that did not concern the American colonies. But the latter immediately joined in the strife, which is known in Canadian history as " Queen Anne's War," because it raged throughout her reign.

De Vaudreuil, the governor of New France, afraid of provoking the Iroquois, sent no war parties against New York ; but he stirred up the Abenaki tribes to desolate the New England borders with fire and sword. In revenge a fleet from Boston destroyed the villages and broke down the dykes on the Bay of Fundy. But all the while the English colonists continued to trade with the Acadians and to catch fish along their coasts.

In 1707 the people of New England tried twice to take Port Royal. Neither soldiers nor officers, however, knew anything of war, and they were easily beaten off. But they only planned greater things.

Plan to   Once more they proposed to conquer Can-

Attack   ada, if only to stop the dreadful Indian

Canada. raids. England promised a fleet, and the different colonies engaged to raise men and money. Some of the troops were sent at once towards Lake Champlain to be ready to attack Montreal. But they passed several dreary weeks cooped up in a hastily-built fort, where many sickened and died. At last they were obliged to return home without doing anything. Mean-


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