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The Treaty A treaty of peace between France and of Ryswick, England was now signed at Ryswick, but 1697. this was not known in America till 1698. Much to the disgust of the Hudson's Bay Company, the French were allowed to keep the forts they had taken. e Frontenac's The Iroquois were losing their strength in

Death. the long wars, and were at last beginning to

wish for peace; but before a treaty could be made, Frontenac fell ill and died. He was nearly eighty, but to the end his mind was clear and his energy untiring.

Peace with Soon afterwards


the Iroquois. peace was made with the Five Nations, and in 1701 an-other great council was held at Montreal. To it came Indians of many different tribes, and instead of writing their names their chiefs

signed the treaty with totems or rude drawings of birds, animals. and trees.   -

No one denounced the war more earnestly than old Kondiaronk, the Rat, who had once " killed the peace." But he was very ill, and died the night after the treaty was concluded. He was buried with great ceremony, and was followed to the grave by a long procession of Indians and Frenchmen, including the governor and all his attendants.

Growth of   Louis XIV. seems to have thought that

French New France was becoming too large, for Possessions. at one time he ordered his subjects to leave the forts in the west. But he did not insist on this, and his dominions went on growing.

About the year 1700 D'Iberville founded a colony near



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