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New France When Frontenac returned to New France in Danger. in 1689, the colony seemed to be on the brink of destruction. England was at war with France, the Iroquois were as insolent as ever, and the Hurons and Ottawas were threatening to desert the French, and to make a treaty with their foes.

Frontenac had brought back all of Denonville's captives who were still alive. He succeeded in winning their friendship, but they could not persuade their kinsmen to lay down their arms.

The Three Determined to regain the respect of the War Parties. Indians, Frontenac followed their own savage plans, and made up three war parties, of French-men, Canadians, and Indians, to attack the border villages of New England.

After a toilsome winter march of seventeen days, one of these parties reached Schenectady, near Albany. Finding it unguarded they waited till dark, then stealthily surrounded the houses and shrieked the war-whoop. The defenceless people started from their beds to be brutally murdered or carried away captive. A few indeed escaped to Albany, but before they could bring help Schenectady was in ashes. Many of the prisoners died on the hurried march through the snow. The other war parties followed the same plan. Thee spared neither young nor old, and took many prisoners, a number of whom they gave to the Indians ; but later they bought back some of them and treated them kindly.


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