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The First   The first intendant of New France was

Intendant. named Jean Talon. He worked hard, visiting the settlements and hearing all about the " little affairs " of the colonists. In this way he learned much which he turned to account for. the good of New France.

He also examined the woods and plants, and the minerals of the country, and sent specimens home to France. Another good thing was that he made it easier than before for rich and poor alike to obtain justice. But both he and his master, Colbert, the chief minister of France, held ideas that would be thought very strange nowadays. They did not believe in giving the colonists more freedom than they could help, but took care

of them and their country as if they were children.

Many of the soldiers who had served under De Tracy were persuaded to settle in the country, so that they might act as a check on their old enemies, the Iroquois; and the king continued to send out settlers at his own expense. Amongst them came several large parties of young women to be wives for the colonists : and some-times thirty marriages took place at Quebec in a single day!

Seigneurial The king gave large grants of land to Tenure. gentlemen, and sometimes to companies of traders or churchmen, who held them by what was called Seigneurial Tenure. It was something like the old Feudal System, which had once been followed in Europe. The gentlemen receiving grants were called seigneurs. In return for these grants they undertook to



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