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several armed vessels, and was threatening to use force, when an English fleet suddenly appeared on the scene and obliged both La Tour and Le Borgne to surrender.. The English England, when at war with Holland, had Fleet.   sent this fleet to aid the people of New England in an attack on the neighbouring Dutch colony, afterwards known as New York. But peace was declared before the attack could be made. Wishing to fight some one, the colonists then proposed to attack the French instead of the Dutch. France and England were at peace, but perhaps an excuse was found for the invasion in the old quarrel over the boundaries. The whole of Acadia was soon in the hands of the English.

La Tour's   Having again lost his property, La Tour

Last Days. bethought himself of the title and lands that had been offered to him by the English in his father's lifetime, and, in spite of his former refusal of these favours, he now requested that they might be given to him. Accordingly a portion of Acadia, larger than Great Britain, was given to him and two English gentlemen. One of these, Sir Thomas Temple, spent large sums of money on improving his lands ; but La Tour soon sold his rights, and from that time till his death lived quietly at St. John.

Acadia   For twelve years Acadia was under Eng-

Restored   lish rule; but during this time nothing

to France.   remarkable happened, and in 1667 the country was restored to France by the Treaty of Breda.

Prince   Four years earlier, the Company of the

Edward   Hundred Associates had granted Prince

Island. Edward Island, then called Isle St. Jean, to a captain in the navy. He started a few fishing stations, but did little or nothing for the regular settlement of the island.


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