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The Brandy Another long-standing cause of dispute was Traffic. the sale of " fire-water " to the Indians. When once the passion for drink seized them they would part with all they had to obtain it. Some even sold their

children for the sake of getting " French milk," as they called it. When drunk they often committed the most dreadful crimes. but the traders insisted on giving them brandy, declaring that without it they would not sell their furs. The different governors generally sided with them, though they were openly breaking the law ; but Laval did his utmost to force them to obey it.

The dispute was at its height

when one day there was a severe earthquake. Bells rang, walls cracked, and houses and steeples swayed to and fro like trees in a strong wind. The people were terribly frightened. They thought it a token of God's anger, and went in crowds to confess their sins. But they were soon at their old work of selling brandy again.

A Change of Laval had gone to France to beg the king Government. to stop the brandy traffic, and when Louis NIV. heard how poorly the Hundred Associates had kept their promises, he decided to break up the company and to take the government of New France upon himself.,

Louis xiv.


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