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driven the Iroquois southward. The Hurons boldly continued the struggle ; but their cunning foes, not content with battle and murder, tried to set them and the French against one another, and to ruin both by deceptive treaties.

Father   At last the Five Nations made peace for a

Jogues. short time, and the Mohawks even consented to receive a Jesuit missionary. Father Jogues,

though he had suffered cruelly whilst a prisoner in their hands, undertook the dangerous task. For a little while he was kindly treated. But when a terrible disease attacked the tribe, and a plague of caterpillars destroyed their crops, he was accused of having caused these evils by witch-craft, and was cruelly murdered. Then the young braves took the

war-path, and once more French   PARE BRgBCETJF. settlements and Indian villages (From original in chateau

ran red with blood.   de Ramezay.)

The Huron During these trying years of warfare the Missions. Jesuit missions to the Hurons had done well. Eighteen priests, besides a number of laymen, laboured amongst them. The missions were like well-stocked farms, with good buildings, herds of cattle, and fields of Indian corn. At one of them the fathers had been able, in a time of famine, to feed three thousand people. But though everything seemed so bright, a terrible blow was about to fall, fatal alike to the savages and their instructors.

Mission   In July, 1648, during the absence of the

Villages   warriors of the village, St. Joseph was

Destroyed.   attacked by an Iroquois war-party. Young
and old were mercilessly slain. Amongst them fell the


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