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Champlain   This missionary, Le Caron, was the first Tries to Form white man to visit the Hurons ; but the

an Indian   governor soon followed him, journeying


as much as possible by lake and stream, to avoid the untracked woods. Champlain tried to persuade the Canadian Indians to give up fighting amongst them-selves, and to help one another against the warriors of the Five Nations. But though the Hurons and Algonquins liked him, he could not induce them to follow his advice.

After staying some time amongst them, Champlain led the Hurons into the Iroquois country. They were more than a month on the march, and when they attacked one of the palisaded towns of the Iroquois, they were beaten off. Champlain himself was hurt, and being unable to walk, was packed into a basket like the rest of the wounded, so that he could be carried on the back of one of his Indian friends. He was obliged to spend the winter with them. His people in Quebec gave him up as dead, so there was great rejoicing when he returned early in the following summer, alive and well.

Chief Events, The history of the next twelve years may 1616-28. be summed up very briefly. The growth of the colony was slow, owing to the greediness and the quarrels of the rival fur-traders. The chief events were the first attacks of the terrible Iroquois on the French themselves, and the coming of the Jesuits to help the Recollets to teach the savages. .---

A Time of   Champlain made several voyages to France

Scarcity. during this period. But in spite of all he could do, Canada was neglected, and the colonists suffered greatly, as they depended almost entirely on sup-plies from home. There was indeed but one farmer amongst them—Louis Hebert. During the winter of 1627-8 they were allowed only a few ounces of food a

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