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in charge of the colony. There were many different viceroys within a few years, and though Champlain acted as governor tinder them all, the frequent changes added to his troubles.

In the year 1613 Champlain made a - journey up the Ottawa River, hoping to reach " the Northern Sea." He

took as guide a young Frenchman who professed to have found his wav to this sea before, but it soon appeared that he had not told the truth, and Champlain turned back.

Henry   Probably the man

Hudson. had heard of I-Iudson Bay, as we call it, from the Indians. It had been discovered three years earlier by an English sea-man, Henry Hudson, who lost his life there. After spending a win-ter in the bay, some of his men

became so angry with him that they set him adrift in an open boat with his son and several sailors. They were never heard of afterwards, and their murderers had great difficulty in reaching England.

The First   All the men who had undertaken to colo-Missionaries, nize Canada professed to be anxious that

1615. the Indians should become Christian. Yet, of the two hundred Frenchmen at this time in the country, most cared only for making money, and not one was a missionary. At last a new trading company agreed to send out teachers for the savages, and in 1615 four Franciscan friars, or Recollets, came with Champlain to Canada. Some of them at once began to hold services at the trading posts, and one travelled so far north that he fell in with some wandering Eskimos, while another carried the Gospel into the country of the Hurons, near the Georgian Bay...,



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