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this no one tried to found a colony in Canada, but the fishermen still sailed regularly to Newfoundland/'

Sir   In the year 1583 Sir Hum-

Humphrey   phrey Gilbert set up the

Gilbert. royal banner of England Dn a hill overlooking St. John's harbour, Newfoundland, and took possession of the island in the name of his queen, Elizabeth. But on his return voyage he was lost in a storm, and for forty years no settlement was made.

the Exiles By this time people had

of Sable   discovered that they could

Island.   make much money by trad-

ing in the furs of the beavers and other A GENTLEMAN OF wild animals which were then so plentiful ELIZABETH'S REIGN in Canada. In 1598 the Marquis de la Roche, a French

nobleman, en-gaged to found a colony in re-turn for the sole right of trading in furs. It was difficult to persuade people to go to Canada, however, and criminals w e r e taken from the prisons to make up the required number. They were carried across the ocean

in a ship se small that it was said they could wash their hands in the water from its sides. Forty of these men



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