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three more voyages, but till the day of his death, in 1506, he thought that he had only found a new way to India, and had no idea that he had discovered a new continent. —

John and   Other navigators now turned towards the

Sebastian   west. In 1497, the year before Columbus

Cabot.   first visited the mainland of America,

John Cabot, a Vene-

tian, who had settled at Bristol, explored some part of the coast of North America. Upon this England afterwards grounded a claim to a large part of the continent. Cabot received high honours at court for his services, and the next year sailed again to m a k e further explorations. With him on both voyages went his son Sebastian, who afterwards sailed far north in a vain search for a north-west passage to India.,

French   About this time vessels from France and

Explorers. other countries began to visit the shores of Newfoundland for the sake of the fisheries. Frenchmen also explored the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and in 1524 their king, Francis I., sent out an Italian, Verrazano,



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