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to found a colony in Wineland; but, partly owing to the hostility of the natives, it was a failure. After some centuries the Greenland colony was also broken up, and the story of these old explorers was gradually forgotten.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the The Indians. wide Atlantic, the black-haired, copper-coloured people of America were hunting and fishing and fighting in their woods and wilds, probably thinking that they were the only people in the world. These Indians, as they were afterwards called, were thinly scattered all over America, but in this chapter we

can describe briefly only those who lived in what is now Canada and the United States. –

They were divided into many tribes, hav-Tribes. ing different languages and customs. These wasted their strength in frequent fighting. They (lid not often make alliances with one another, but the five kindred " nations " of the Iroquois wisely agreed to


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