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Tnis short history of our country, prepared especially for Canadian boys and girls, has been revised, brought up to date, and considerably enlarged. The additional chapters include a sketch of outstanding events of the last few years at home, and a brief outline of the Great War and of the part played by Canadians in this mighty struggle for liberty and justice.

With a few exceptions, to avoid unnecessarily breaking the narrative, the arrangement of the history is chronological. The book is divided into three parts in order to mark changes of great importance. The First Part deals with the period of French rule; the Second with that of English rule till 1867; and the Third with the history of the Dominion since Confederation. These great divisions have been subdivided into hooks, with the object of emphasizing the importance of different epochs in the history of the country. At the close of each Book is a chapter upon the Social Conditions of the period.

At the end of the volume are placed lists of important dates, of the sovereigns of France and England connected with our history, of the governors of Canada from the founding of Quebec to Confederation, of the governors-general of the Dominion, and of the more difficult proper names used'in the history, with the pronunciation indicated as closely as possible by phonetic spelling. For this guide to the pronunciation of proper names I have to thank Archibald Macilechan, Esq., B.A., Ph.D., of Dalhousie University, Halifax.


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