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of the clansman who inspired Hogg's stirring Jacobite song :

"Wha will ride wi' gallant Murray,

Wha will ride wi' George's sel'?

He's the flower o' a' Glenislay,

And the darling o' Dunkel'."

Though in a military capacity, Murray was really the first Governor of Canada; and to his humane, tactful policy, aided by a stern sense of duty, may be traced the good feeling and mutual respect so soon visible between the nationalities under his jurisdiction. Among his first highly appreciated acts was the assistance afforded by troops sent out through the surrounding districts to assist the sadly thinned ranks of the habitants in getting in their harvest. The Canadians were disarmed and required to take the oath of allegiance, and punishment for wrongdoing was rigorously meted out to French and English alike. Throughout his administration a generous precedent towards the conquered was established, to which the quick Celtic nature could not but respond.

A garrison diarist of the time gives pleasant glimpses of passing events that afford some relief to the accumulated trials of the passing months. He speaks with admiration of the

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