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After the Battle

leader with to victory.

ing all sorts of imaginary evils for himself, could not fly fast enough or far enough, and with a disorganised mob at his heels, left the unfortunate garrison of Quebec to a fate he could not face for himself. De Ramezay, the commandant, was ordered to capitulate without waiting for the assault, and the terms to be asked were enclosed in a hasty note from the Governor at the moment of his departure.

In Quebec fierce indignation, much keener towards their own than at the enemy, prevailed. The garrison comprised but one hundred and twenty regular troops, with a few score sailors,

HE discomfiture of the Canadians
was complete. Vaudreuil, with
all his vaunted ability, had lost
his head, and demoralised them
more than the death of the brave

whom they had often gone forward
Now the unnerved Governor, fear-



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