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Ill at ease, and almost overpowered with the strange occurrence, Campbell tossed sleeplessly through the succeeding night, more or less prepared for another appearance of the ghastly apparition. It came, and stood surveying him with pallid face and portentous aspect that chilled with penetrating fear, vanishing at last with distinct, mournful tones floating through the room :

"Farewell, Inverawe ! Farewell, till we meet at Ticonderoga !" The words in their slow significance conveyed the impression of a sentence of doom, from which there was no escape.

Years passed, and the country continued to be involved in troublous problems and more than distressing circumstances, but try as he would the laird found himself unable to forget the strange and apparently foreign word that had forced itself into his thoughts. Ticonderoga ! It was utterly unlike his native Gaelic, nor could he form an idea of any language it resembled. Yet somehow the smooth sound of its many syllables was never far distant from his mind.

Profoundly concerned in the unhappy condition of affairs, the gentry of Argyllshire showed rare and admirable tact in seizing the situation. With the object of soothing the people and bringing

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