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death, standing by his bedside, and to hear in his familiar voice the distinct and thrilling words :

"Inverawe ! Inverawe ! Blood has been shed. Shield not the murderer!"

The next morning he had made his way to the locked apartment, and in great agitation informed the inmate that it was impossible to harbour him longer. With somewhat regained composure, however, the unwelcome guest reminded him of his promise, at the same time asking for a short continuance of his aid ; upon which the laird, anxious to be rid of him, led the way by an unused path to a wild burn in the neighbour-hood, and having shown him a deep crevice in the precipitous banks, left him. That night the wraith reappeared, uttering the same terrifying words, as if in passionate protest against his hearer's callousness : " Inverawe ! Inverawe ! Blood has been shed. Shield not the murderer!" and with no less stern and menacing an aspect than before faded slowly out of sight.

On the following day the unhappy laird, torn with doubts, visited the cave, to find that its late tenant had disappeared, leaving no trace of his presence. Nor was he ever heard of again.

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