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soothe him the kindly laird had taken the ancient oath, and while offering hasty consolation had led him to a chamber far from the more used parts of the house, and instructed him to secure the ponderous door, and open only to one whose knock proved him in the secret.

Scarcely had he returned to the hall when the stranger's words had been confirmed. In stern and indignant haste men arrived, explaining to the startled laird unforeseen particulars of the occurrence. A deed had been done, with some extenuating circumstances, perhaps, but cruel and revengeful in character. Inverawe's own cousin had been foully murdered, and the pursuers were already on the track of the criminal. With horror and dismay Campbell listened, and while endeavouring to control himself, with the fatal oath riiging in his ears, had signified ignorance of the murderer, and hastened the searchers on their way.

In indecision and deep distress the hours passed as he strode to and fro in his chamber, until in sheer fatigue he threw himself on his couch, and fell into a fitful slumber. The beams of the waning moon were streaming across the room when he wakened, to see as in absolute reality the form of his cousin, wounded unto


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