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HE crisis approached rapidly. The
decisive moment must be near
when the terrific strain of this
unnatural warfare should reach its
final issue. The year 1757 had

been one long series of events calculated to
rouse French hopes to the heights of ultimate
victory. The old prediction that all America
north of Mexico should be theirs was about
to be verified. From Louisbourg, returned to
France by the peace of Aix-la-Chapelle in ex-
change for Madras, and now greatly strengthened
and re-garrisoned, to Oswego, perpetual fight-
ing with all its attendant miseries demoralised
the country, leaving death and devastation in its
track. In many places agriculture failed, causing
want and poverty, and most of the arts of peace
had ceased. The unhappy villages and more
isolated country- places were surrounded with
the constant and haunting horror of Indian
barbarity, women and children were often carried



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