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circumstance the siege would undoubtedly have had to be raised. A number of powerful cannon were opportunely discovered hidden in the sand-bank below the Grand Battery, and being unearthed at low tide, were brought by the same laborious methods as before to a position above the Citadel, from which they did great execution. From the diary of Captain Sherburn of the advanced battery, we take a Sunday morning's bulletin :

" Began our fire with as much fury as possible, and the French returned it as warmly from the Citadel, West Gate, and North East Battery, with cannon, mortars, and continual showers of musket balls ; but by ii o'clock we had beat them all from their guns."

From the other side the notorious Intendant Bigot gives equally interesting testimony:

"The enemy established their batteries to such effect that they soon destroyed the greater part of the town, broke the right flank of the King's Bastion, ruined the Dauphin Battery with its spur, and made a breach at the Porte Dauphine, the neighbouring wall and the redan adjacent."

So the siege proceeded steadily, the hostile batteries advancing by degrees until placed so close to the fortifications that the day's work

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