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Rugged mountains, where the eagle Wheels in widening circles slow;

Mighty hills, whose peaked summits, Covered with eternal snow,

Stand like angel sentinels guarding Far and wide the land below !

Trackless forests, dark and lonely, Where man's foot hath never trod ;

Howls the wolf, and screams the panther, Face to face with Nature's God!

Here the haughty stag advancing, Kingly power undaunted sways ;

Here the timid hare bounds fearless Through the brushwood underways;

In his native marsh the heron Seeks the waters of his love,

While in geometric figure

Sail the wild-duck far above.
Company of man disturbs not,
All in careless freedom rove !

Lakes and streamlets ever changing, Yet in beauty changeless still

As when first Old Night and Chaos Bent obedient to His will !

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